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Dedicated to Convenient, Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Medical specimen Collection and Processing, The Norfolk Medical Group Lab offers on site, rapid, basic lab tests and in conjunction with the reference laboratory Quest Diagnostics and the Faith Regional Health Services (FRHS) Laboratory, comprehensive testing for the Diagnosis, Management, Monitoring and Prevention of diseases, exposures, and health related issues.
NMG Lab is accredited and certified by the national laboratory certifying group CLIA.
We do:

  • Specimen Collection
  • Specimen Processing
  • Specimen Analysis
  • Specimen Interpretation
  • Results Reports using Lab Information System

We do basic chemistries, and lipids and cholesterols on site. In conjunction with our Cell-Dyn machine which performs blood cell counts and differentials, and many of the rapid specimen testing such as pregnancy and strep, and the proficiency of our technicians in urine and other analyses, this enables us to provide reasonable turn around times for most of the basic lab tests.

Our close relationships with both the national reference laboratory Quest, and the local hospital FRHS Lab enable us to provide to the patients of our physicians, comprehensive and complete laboratory medical testing with very reasonable turnaround times.

Drawing Hours:

  • Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 4:30PM